VITAFORCE® Green Superfood Powder

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The only green food supplement that completely replaces and improves on your Multivitamin/ Multimineral pills. Made from and the world’s most nutrient dense super foods including 23 certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and 2 billion live probiotic cells per serving.

VITAFORCE® contains NO dairy, gluten, peanuts, nuts, corn, eggs or soy and is NON-GMO.


Product Description

VITAFORCE provides all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day in a perfect combination of nature’s healthiest super foods.

When we created VITAFORCE, we created an entirely new class of nutritional supplement.  It is the not just a multivitamin, a green superfood powder, an antioxidant supplement, a probiotic supplement and a bone-builder – it is the best supplement in each and every one of those categories.  If you tried to purchase each of these supplements separately, not only would you be spending hundreds of dollars a month in supplements, you would also be purchasing products that are no where near as healthy for you as VITAFORCE.


Unfortunately, most nutritional supplements are not only expensive, but they are actually doing your health more harm than good.

When you take VITAFORCE daily, you can be confident you are taking the single best nutritional supplement in existence.  More than that, you can rest assured that you are taking a supplement that helps to prevent nutritional deficiencies and to correct those nutritional deficiencies you already have in place.

  • The only green food supplement that completely replaces and improves on your Multivitamin/ Multimineral pills
  • 23 Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients
  • 2 Billion live probiotic cells per serving (At time of manufacture)
  • The world’s most nutrient dense, Super Foods including: Organic Spirulina and Broken Cell Wall Chlorella, Organic Wheat Grass Juice, Wildcrafted Calcified Red Algae and Organic Icelandic Kelp
  • High Antioxidant Super Fruits such as Acerola Cherry Extract, Organic Acai, Organic Wild Billberry, Organic Wild Lingonberry, Organic Black Currant (berry and juice), Organic Aronia Juice, Organic Pomegranate Juice, Organic Wild Blueberry, Organic Concord Grape Juice, Organic Sour Cherry Juice, Organic Wild Elderberry Juice, Organic Wild Cranberry Juice, Organic Red Raspberry, Organic Black Raspberry
  • An assortment of the healthiest certified organic vegetables on the planet: Organic Kale, Organic Collard Greens, Organic Parsley, Organic Beet Juice, and Organic Spinach
  • Tastes great in water, juice or a fruit smoothie

VITAFORCE the best nutritional supplement ANYWHERE:

>>  It is the only multivitamin that gives you the nutrients needed daily from whole, natural plant foods. The synthetic, isolated and even “food-based” nutrients found in other products can be dangerous to your health.

>>  It contains the most nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, and healthful plant based ingredients in existence, such as Organic Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Vegetables (such as Collard Greens, Spinach, Parsley and Beet Juice Powder) and Organic Superfruits (such as Acai, Black Raspberry, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry, Elderberry, Sour Cherry and Black Currant among many others).

>>  It contains the highest quality version of each whole food ingredient. In other words, of the hundreds of producers of spirulina, chlorella, kale and other ingredients in VITAFORCE, we went through an exhaustive process to carefully choose the purest, most nutritionally dense and antioxidant-rich version of each.

By way of example, we analyzed every variety of spirulina grown throughout the world. In particular, we reviewed the growing conditions, nutritional analyses, heavy metal testing, bacterial testing, quality testing, antioxidant levels, harvesting conditions, sustainability, scientific documentation, microcystin levels, carotenoid levels, super oxide dismutase levels, among many other factors.  After reviewing each version of spirulina grown throughout the world, only one was head and shoulders above the rest – and even though it is far more expensive than other spirulinas, it is the only one that we chose to put in VITAFORCE.

>>  VITAFORCE contains the ideal quantities of each essential vitamin and mineral to promote bountiful health and prevent nutritional deficiencies, but not too much of any one nutrient that it could be dangerous to your health. The amount of each vitamin and mineral is absolutely crucial to whether a multivitamin does more harm than good for your health. The amounts are not arbitrary or based on personal preference, but instead are the result of our rigorous analysis of tens of thousands of clinical studies published in the world’s most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals.
It contains the ideal ratio of each essential vitamin and mineral in combination with one another. It is not healthful to simply have 100% of the RDI for each nutrient. Well-respected studies have made it very clear that too much or too little of key nutrients in relation to one another can have a very significant impact on your health.

>>  It contains 2 powerful, clinically proven strains of probiotics and it also contains various prebiotics which act as food for the beneficial probiotic bacteria. Unfortunately, most probiotic strains will not do anything to benefit your health. The strains in VITAFORCE, however, have been clinically proven to be extremely beneficial in promoting assimilation of nutrients, improving digestion, and helping to improve overall immune function. The combination of probiotics and prebiotics in VITAFORCE displace the unhealthy and pathogenic bacteria in your gut.

>>  VITAFORCE contains countless nutrients that have been shown in clinical studies to promote health and fight disease. Most of these nutrients are not found in synthetic or “food-form” multivitamins. Just a small sampling of these sorts of vitally important phytonutrients and antioxidants include lutein, cryptaxanthin, lycopene, xeanthanin, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma tocopherol, delta tocoperhol, beta tocopherol, super oxide dismutase, coenzyme Q-10, indoles, glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, sulforophane, ellagic acid, polyphenols, flavanoids, quercetin, resveratrol, cofactors, enzymes, amino acids, sterols, stanols, among many others.

>>  VITAFORCE is manufactured under the strictest standards in the industry — it is manufactured in a certified NSF Good Manufacturing Practices facility. This is the preeminent gold standard in the industry. For every batch of VITAFORCE, there is a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure that each bottle of VITAFORCE has the promised identity, strength, composition, quality and purity. Although it is very costly to comply with NSF Good Manufacturing Practices, we want our customers to be completely confident of the quality and transparency of the manufacturing practices we use.

>>   VITAFORCE is 100% vegan, non-GMO and 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and corn-free, and cruelty free.

Suggested Usage
Adults mix 1 level scoop in water, juice, or a fruit smoothie 1 or more times per day. Begin with 1/4 serving size for the first few days and gradually work up to a full serving. May be taken with or without food. Children may take up to 1/2 of the adult serving.

VITAFORCE does not contain ANY corn, gluten, soy, dairy, peanut or other nut ingredients.  It is 100% vegan (free of all animal ingredients) and does not contain any added sugar, flavors or salt.

“Vitaforce truly is the best green food supplement that I have ever tried! It gives me “natural” energy. I like the fact that it does NOT contain other non essential herbs or caffeine.” – David, Powell, WY

“VITAFORCE is by far the best supplement I have ever tried. It tastes great, even in water, and I could feel its positive effects on my body and energy level after just a few days. Finally, a supplement that actually is what it purports to be and does what it claims to do. I will urge all my family and friends to use it. Thank you!” – Orly, Sherman Oaks, CA

“VITAFORCE is the only complete vitamin supplement that I have found that has all the correct proportions in a food form. Great stuff.” – Mike, Charlotte, NC

“I have been using VITAFORCE for about 6 months. It has replaced all of the expensive vitamins and supplements. I am delighted to report that my energy level is high, I seem to be warding off the “bugs” of co-workers and family members and even my finger nails seem healthier!” – Rick, Encino, CA

VITAFORCE contains a wide variety of the most nutrient dense, organic super foods, vegetables and fruits. It also contains 2 billion probiotics per serving (at time of manufacture) to promote good digestive health and optimal absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients in VITAFORCE Powder
(100% Vegan) (* Certified Organic)

Greens and Veggies: Spirulina*, Wheat Grass*, Barley Grass*, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Wheat Grass Juice*, Kale*, Collard Greens*, Parsley*, Beet Juice*, Icelandic Kelp*

Red Algae: Wildcrafted Calcified Red Algae (citric acid and malic acid), Dunaliella Salina Extract

Dairy-Free Probiotic Blend: FOS (prebiotic), Lactobacillus acidophilus (1 billion cfu/serving)**, B Bifidobacterium bifidum (1 billion cfu/serving)**

Non-Active Nutritional Yeast (no yeast activity): Nutritional Yeast, Zinc Yeast, Chromium Yeast, Vitamin D Yeast, SelenoExcell® Yeast

Super Fruit Blend:  Acerola Cherry Extract (25% Vitamin C), Wild Billberry*, Wild Lingonberry*, Black Currant (berry and juice)*, Aronia Juice*, Pomegranate Juice*, Wild Blueberry*, Concord Grape Juice*, Sour Cherry Juice*, Wild Elderberry Juice*, Wild Cranberry Juice*, Red Raspberry*, Black Raspberry*

**At time of manufacture.

VITAFORCE contains NO Dairy, Gluten, Peanuts, Nuts, Corn, Eggs or Soy and is NON-GMO.  VITAFORCE is safe for those with Candida Albicans and those on yeast free diets.


VITAFORCE® does not simply replace 6 other supplements, it SIGNIFICANTLY improves on EACH of them.  So, not only are you saving $160 a month and simplifying your life tremendously by taking VITAFORCE®, you are vastly improving your health.  Want to know more?  Just click on any link below to see why VITAFORCE® replaces and improves on ANY one of these other supplements.


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1) What is VITAFORCE?
VITAFORCE is the premier vitamin and mineral supplement in existence. It is a powder composed of nutrient dense, organic super foods, vegetables and fruits. VITAFORCE provides all the nutrients you need daily in the way nature intended — from food.

2) Who should take VITAFORCE?
Almost anyone would benefit by taking VITAFORCE. It is ideal for adults, children, the elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, athletes and those who are ill or have degenerative diseases. If you are pregnant or lactating, always consult a health care professional before beginning any supplement program.

3) If I take VITAFORCE, do I still need to take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement?
No. VITAFORCE replaces and greatly improves upon your daily multivitamin and mineral supplement.

4) If I take VITAFORCE, do I need to continue to take any other “super food” or “green powder” supplement?
No. VITAFORCE provides you with vastly superior nutrition to any other super food or green powder supplement.

5) I have been taking another ”super food” or “green powder” supplement for a long time. How do I know that VITAFORCE is superior to the one I am taking?
It is really very simple. Compare the nutrient label for VITAFORCE to any other ”super food” or “green powder” supplement. You will see that VITAFORCE provides you with a perfect balance of all the vitamins and minerals you need daily from food. Other ”super food” or “green powder” supplements simply do not have the wide array and vast quantities of nutrients that VITAFORCE possesses. This is made clear by their nutritional labels, or in many cases, by their lack of nutritional labels.

Some green food powders do have impressive vitamin labels, but the nutrients in those are not from the whole food ingredients. Instead, they are supplemented in with isolated and/or synthetic nutrients which are not ideal for health. Also, these green food powders that add in supplemental nutrients do not have optimal ratios and quantities of nutrients.

Other powders also often contain cheap fillers or herbs, which is not ideal for a daily vitamin and mineral supplement.

6) What does VITAFORCE taste like?
VITAFORCE has a pleasant, mild taste, and is well tolerated by those who do not like the taste of other green powders.

7) Is there any caffeine or are there any herbs in VITAFORCE?

8) Does VITAFORCE contain any common allergens?
No.  VITAFORCE contains no dairy, gluten, peanuts, nuts, corn, eggs or soy.

9) Does the Wheat Grass Juice contain any gluten?
No.  The Wheat Grass Juice that we use is 100% gluten free.

10) If I take VITAFORCE, will it give me more energy?
Yes. Many people who take VITAFORCE in the morning notice a balanced, sustained energy throughout the day. The energy from VITAFORCE is more subtle and comfortable than the energy boost you get from caffeine or stimulants. This energy comes from improved nutrient balances in your body, rather than from unhealthy and potentially toxic stimulants.

11) Is VITAFORCE good for people who are worried about bone loss?
Yes. VITAFORCE is an ideal supplement for those who are concerned about bone loss. VITAFORCE has the maximum amount of calcium that the body can absorb at any one time (500mg). If you are taking more calcium at any one sitting, you are at best wasting your money, and at worst harming yourself, as explained further below.

Even more importantly, though, VITAFORCE has 250% of the RDA for Vitamin D. Recent studies show that Vitamin D is more important than calcium in building bone mineral density. In fact, it is important to balance the calcium and Vitamin D ratio appropriately, because too much calcium can interfere with the conversion of Vitamin D into its biologically active form. At the same time, Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium. Recent studies make clear, therefore, that a high dose of calcium is not the most effective way to prevent bone loss, and may even increase cancer risk because of the lower conversion rate of Vitamin D.

VITAFORCE also contains a full array of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other plant protective compounds which are synergistic in building stronger bones, hair and nails.

12) Are there any nutrients in VITAFORCE that are not from food?  If so, why?
Yes, we are proud to say thet we have added 2 nutrients which scientific studies have shown are NOT bio-available from food free of animal sources and therefore they must be supplemented: (1) Vitamin B-12; (2) Vitamin D. Every other nutrient in VITAFORCE is from food. We are committed to providing you with complete and balanced nutrition. Any nutritional supplement that does not provide you with sufficient quantities of these two vitally important nutrients is deficient.

13) Why did we supplement Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D?
One of the four criteria we mandated for VITAFORCE is “Nutrients must come from food, unless no pure and viable source exists.” There is no pure or vegan food source of Vitamin B-12 or Vitamin D. Some people claim that nutritional yeast and spirulina are viable sources of B-12, but this is a controversial statement that is inconclusive and unproven, and we do not intend to take any risks with your health. Both of these vitamins are critical to your health, and a deficiency in either is linked to degenerative diseases and even death.

14) Is VITAFORCE suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
Yes, this product is 100% vegan. Please rest assured that no animals have been tested on or used in any way for purposes of this product. Indeed, VITAFORCE is an ideal product for vegans because it provides appropriate quantities of various nutrients often missing in the vegan diet, including Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, calcium, zinc and iron.

15) Do I need to take VITAFORCE with food?
You can take VITAFORCE with or without food. You can take it mixed in water or juice, or, our personal favorite, put it in a fruit smoothie for breakfast.

16) I have read that taking high amounts of Vitamin A during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Since VITAFORCE is such a rich source of Vitamin A, does that mean it is not safe to take during pregnancy?
VITAFORCE is perfectly safe and is an ideal prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement. Studies have shown that ingesting 10,000 IU’s of preformed Vitamin A (retinol or retinyl esters) can result in increased risk of birth defects. VITAFORCE contains no preformed Vitamin A.

VITAFORCE contains only mixed carotenoids from plants, which have never been shown to cause birth defects at any dose.

17) Is the nutritional yeast in VITAFORCE safe for those with Candida?
Absolutely.  Our yeast is gently heated to remove all yeast activity.  The nutrients in the yeast and in VITAFORCE in general, along with the probiotics and prebiotics make VITAFORCE an ideal supplement for those with Candida issues.

18) Does VITAFORCE replace a healthy diet?
Absolutely not. VITAFORCE ensures that you receive your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. It also provides an abundance of plant protective phytonutrients and antioxidants. But, VITAFORCE is a supplement to a healthy diet, not a replacement for it. Nothing can nor should replace a healthy diet.

Beware of any supplement that claims it is a replacement for a healthy diet. Often times, green powder supplements will make outrageous claims, like one serving is the equivalent of 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. This claim is extremely misleading. While a particular green powder may have as much Vitamin A as 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, it can never have the same ability to promote health and ward of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    No question Vitaforce is the best nutritional supplement I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a number.
    Very potent, very effective, and also good for digestion.
    For anyone who is serious about their health. I also HIGHLY recommend this to athletes. – Rick, Phoenix, AZ

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